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Once upon a now

The epic tale of assisted reproduction


There are many different types of family. And many ways of becoming parents. “Once upon a now” narrates the journey that families formed through assisted reproduction go on.

Age: 3-8

How do you tell a child where they came from?

It’s not an easy question, more so when assisted reproduction is involved. “Once upon a now” wants to be a safe space in which parents and children can have this conversation.

A personalized tale that tells your unique story

You can choose the makeup of your family (a mum, a dad, a dad and a mum, two dads, two mums), the type of assisted reproduction (egg, embryo or sperm donor, IVF or surrogacy) and if you have a boy or a girl (or more!)

A book with adventure and emotions galore

In “Once Upon a Now” you’ll meet the Hen with the Golden Eggs, the Pied Piper, the Fairy Godmother, the nasty Wolf and a host of other characters.

Dedicate the book to your child as a sign of your love for them

Write a special message and we’ll add it to page two of the story.

Book size / format

You can choose a hard cover or soft cover. The book is a standard A4 size (21 x 29.7cm). It is printed on sturdy recycled paper so you and your child can read and read, for as many years as you like!

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